To become an E.A.R.N Certified Enterprise Architect you need to complete 9 online tutorials with one “Use Case”, then submit the “Use Case” to the E.A.R.N Board for review. Each tutorial takes an estimated 1-2 hours to complete and you can start a tutorial as many times as you need. The “Use Case” will take an estimated 6-8 hours to complete. The Board reviews submissions weekly.
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
Tutorial 1

  • Developing an EARN Enterprise Architecture

  • E = Encapsulate
Tutorial 2

  • A = Artefacts
Tutorial 3

  • R = Relationship
Tutorial 4

  • N = Navigate
Tutorial 5

  • Delivering an EARN Enterprise Architecture

  • The Road Map
Tutorial 6

  • The investment Map
Tutorial 7

  • The Dependency Chart
Tutorial 8

  • The Prioritisation Matrix
Tutorial 9

  • LIME Graphs
Bonus Tutorial

  • EARN as a Project Methodology
Bonus Tutorial